1). Do you have classes on weekdays too?

Yes we have class on weekdays Monday to Friday. There are Morning | Afternoon and Evening batches.

2). Can I get a trial class?

We conduct demo classes for all the students willing to study German Language. Demo Class content Basic overview of German Language – Its covers the structure of levels | Today time required to learn German | what are we providing you | Fees and Scope of Learning German.

3). What study materials do you give learners?

We provide the best in classes study material and reference material available in the market. To help them learn the German Language. We do provide Handouts on regular basis.

4). How long does it take to complete entire course?

There are six levels in German Language .The time duration need to complete each level is different .A1 takes approximately 2 to 2.5 months. A2 takes approximately 2.5 to 3 months.B1 takes approximately 3 to 3.5 months. B2 takes approximately 4 to 4.5 months.

5). What is the fee structure for different level of German Language?

A1- Rs 7500

A2-Rs 10000

B1-Rs 13000

B2-Rs 15000

6). How long does it normally take to become fluent in German?

Fluency is a very subjective question. But once the student completes B2 level of certification he becomes fluent in German Language.  

7).What is the Best way to Contact?                     

You can Contact us at 9146110444 and 8888801523.

8). What advice do you have for anyone who needs to learn German quickly?

Start at the earliest. And we are always there to help you learn German Language. Come and enroll with us.

9). Do I need to commit to a certain number of lessons when learning German with you?

Yes. We believe in commitment and consistent efforts form the students for better learning and understanding of German Language.

10). Would I be able to get a regular weekly slot or do we need to rearrange after each lesson?

The batch timings are fixed for one particular batch. But in case some student misses any class the particular class can be rescheduled.

11). Should I opt for private or group lessons? What is the biggest difference between them?

We always recommend to go for group study. As it helps in effective transfer of knowledge and helps to learn in better and faster way.

12). Why do people learn German?

People do learn German Language according to their personal and professional requirement.

13). What is the maximum number of students in a group class?

The strength of the class varies from minimum 5 students to 14 students in a class

14). Do you use English or Hindi in your classes as your language of instruction?

Our trainers customize the class according to the need of students. So language is not a barrier for communication.

15). What payment options do you offer? When do I need to pay for my course?

We have both the payment options full payment and part payment.One needs to pay the fees to start the course.



German language Classes in Pune
german language classes in Pune

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